Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nutella People Puppy Chow

Nutella people puppy chow
I love nutella. I am aware that there are some people who do not like the incredible mixture of chocolate and hazelnuts. I do not understand this but hey who am I to judge? I normally make people puppy chow for last minute events or poor planning. I had just one of those events: our family ran a 5K in the morning (I like to eat so I run) and at 2:00 we needed to have a dish ready. While I was running, I was thinking about people puppy chow and decided I really wanted nutella chow. (I need some motivation to keep running. Although my zombie app usually is enough motivation).

On the way home we bought a jar of nutella and I searched the Internet for recipes. Well, the first time I made it I followed what everyone else did: a mixture of butter, nutella, and chocolate chips. It never made it on to the cereal. I thought the glorious taste of the nutella goodness was overpowered by the chocolate chips. I was running out of time. But I was not deterred. I decided to wing it. I melted some butter, added nutella and voilà it was what I was looking for and it was so easy. All I can say is yum! I will do something else with other mixture; I just don't know what yet. No waste; just a repurposing of resources.

Nutella Puppy Chow

1/4 Cup (57 g) of Butter
1 Cup (280 g) of Nutella
13 Cups (400 g) of Chex or Similar Cereal (One Box)
3 Cups (345 g) of Powdered Sugar

Place cereal in a large bowl. Place powdered sugar in a large paper bag. Melt the butter in a saucepan over low heat. Add nutella and stir constantly until well mixed. (I used a double boiler and it worked like a charm. I think you could also do this in a microwave).
Nutella and butter
Pour chocolate mixture over cereal and stir until cereal is coated.

Coating the cereal with nutella 

Cereal coated in chocolate
Pour cereal into bag with powdered sugar. Shake until the cereal is covered in powdered sugar. That's it. It is ready to eat.

All that lovely powdered sugar
The bottom line: will I make this again? Yes, as long as it leaves my house. Immediately. Wow. Once I start eating this I can't stop.

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