Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bacon Spinach Tomato Salad

One of my favorite salads
 So do you ever have one of those days where you completely forget an event that you are supposed to take food to?  On the way home from work you remember and are in panic because you have nothing in your house. It happens - well at least to me. It happens often enough that I have an easy go to salad.  It will feed a crowd and I can swing by the grocery and have it done in no time. Oh- I forgot to mention the best part, it is delicious. Really. I promise.

I remembered when I was about half way home, so I bought one of those big containers of mixed spinach and spring mix, a bag of croutons, and a pint of cherry tomatoes. I got home and made the salad dressing. I quickly microwaved some bacon so it had time to cool. Next I found a giant salad bowl and dumped the spinach/spring mix into the bowl. Next I added the tomatoes and the croutons. The croutons were followed by the bacon. Then I added some grated Parmesan cheese because I love cheese. I took the salad dressing with me because I hate wilted greens. That is it. I should have timed myself. I can't give you an exact time but I made the salad and changed clothes in less than 20 minutes. The best part of this salad was my husband told me on the way to the meeting (it was an aviation meeting all men except for Katie and me) that no one was going to want any salad. Guess what? It was all gone by the end of the meeting. I think they liked it. But then what's not to like?

Bacon Spinach Tomato Salad

The Dressing

1/4 Cup of Milk
3/4 Cup of Mayonnaise
1 Garlic Clove, Minced or 1 Teaspoon of Garlic Powder (Not Garlic Salt)
Salt and Fresh Cracked Pepper, To Taste
A Couple of Dashes of Cayenne (Optional)

Whisk ingredients together.  Pour on the salad right before you serve it. I always rewhisk the dressing right before I add it to the salad. [Note for bigger salads like the one below-  use 1 part milk to 3 parts mayonnaise and adjust the seasonings]

The Salad

4-6 Slices of Bacon, Cooked
1 Large Container of Mixed Greens and/or Spinach
1 Pint of Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced in Half
1 Bag of Croutons (Homemade are so much better if you have time)
Parmesan Cheese, Grated
The tomatoes really make this salad beautiful
Combine all of the ingredients. When ready to serve add the dressing and toss.

It is not as pretty tossed so I always wait to the last second to toss the salad
The bottom line: will I make this again?  Yes, I can't wait until we have summer ripe tomatoes (I am growing yellow pear tomatoes). They make this salad incredible. I am also growing my own spinach and spring mix so soon I will be able to harvest my own greens for this salad.  The other ingredient I really want to add is avocado. I think it would be amazing.

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