Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ice Cream Birthday Cake

Castle ice cream cake
Katie just turned 12. This year she picked a cake that my mother used to make. She had never had the cake, but I guess she heard enough about it to decide it was the cake. I called my mom to get the scoop on the cake and we were set.
I searched for a bundt pan and thankfully found one--- a castle -- perfect! Katie chose raspberry and orange sorbet for the cake. I went out and bought vanilla ice cream and the sorbets. It takes a day to refreeze so the day before her big day, I made the cake.

Ice Cream Cake

Half Gallon (1.89 L) of Vanilla Ice Cream
Two Pints (.94 L) of Sorbet (2 to 3 Different Flavors)

Allow the vanilla ice cream to melt so that it is "mushy"
Sorbet balls ready for the freezer
With an ice cream scoop or melon baller, make sorbet balls. Freeze the sorbet balls.
Pour the mushy vanilla ice cream into the bundt pan.
"Mushy" melted vanilla ice cream
 Partially refreeze the vanilla ice cream and then place the sorbet balls into the vanilla ice cream.
Ice cream and sorbet balls in the mold
Freeze until hard.
Frozen solid
The next part is the tricky part. Partially submerge the bundt pan into hot water until the ice cream cake comes out of the mold on to a plate. If you plan your time better than I do, refreeze the cake.
Slice of ice cream cake
Cut and serve.
Cake from the side
The bottom line: will I make it again? Yes, I will. It is a great cake for the summer. I may swirl the sorbet with the vanilla ice cream or use a melon baller to make the sorbet balls. I will also use different bundt pans.

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