Sunday, December 19, 2010

Grilled Steaks Covered in Salt and Blue Cheese and Butter

The finished steaks - cheesy and buttery.
Steven and I (well mainly Steven) have developed this steak recipe over the last decade. Steven does most of the work and it is a bit of work. It is so worth it. This is our special occasion steak; it is the full fat version that other steaks are jealous of (we make sure we have biked earlier in the day so we don't feel as guilty eating it).


Let the steaks come to room temperature
Combine equal parts softened butter and blue cheese
Butter cheese mixture

At this point light the coals for the grill.

The coals are ready.
A chimney makes lighting coals easier.
Rub Kosher salt (to taste) on one side of the steak (you will grill this side first).

Preheat oven to 500 F/ 260 C/ Gas Mark 10.
Cut butter into tablespoon pieces- one for each person eating

Create a "heat proof" place mat for each person eating-- the plates are coming out of the oven and will be HOT

Cooking (Scratch that - Grilling)
Grill the salt covered side first; when you flip the steak cover the cooked side with the cheese butter mixture.
Meanwhile place plates in oven to heat

Once the steaks are cooked to the desired temperature (you may want to under cook them slightly) take the plates out of the oven and put one piece of butter on each plate (it will sizzle) -- put the steaks on the heated plates (on top of the butter) and carefully enjoy.
Hot steak and hot plate with the butter melting on the plate

Blue cheese covered steaks
We served ours with crostini (toasted bread smothered in olive oil and garlic), a simple side salad, and Seghesio Zin. 
The bottom line: Will we have this again? Yes, we will as often as I can talk Steven into making it. 

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