Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Filet with Blue Cheese Butter

Ever had an ingredient that is so special that you don't use it? You are saving it for a special occasion. Special occasions come and go and you still don't use it. I have several of these ingredients- Israeli couscous, vanilla beans, hazelnuts, and some gorgeous filet mignon. I decided to declare a "use a special ingredient" day. That day is today. It is like an early Christmas present to myself.
Vacuumed packed steaks
I have some gorgeous filet mignon that I won in a Fine Cooking grilling contest. They are from Allen Brothers Steaks. They came frozen in a beautiful box. I felt like I was opening a present. I am so excited about grilling and eating these lovely steaks.

Allen Brothers Filet Mignon
Ready for the grill
1/4 Cup of (35 g) of Blue Cheese, Room Temperature
2 Tbsp (35 g) of Butter, Room Temperature
2 Filet Mignon (I had two 12 oz/340 g filets)
Kosher Salt

Combine butter and blue cheese and set aside.
Butter and blue cheese
Prepare grill. Lightly salt one side of each of the filets. Place the salted side of filet on the grill.
Once you turn the steak, spread the butter cheese mixture on the cooked side. Grill until done (130-140F/55-60C for medium rare).
Beautiful rare steaks
Serve with beer sautéed mushrooms.
Steaks, sautéed mushrooms, and couscous
The bottom line: were these steaks great? Yes, they were amazing. As good as a high-end steakhouse steak and the best steaks that we have ever made at home.

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