Friday, November 11, 2011

Meal Madness Challenge

It is time for another Meal Madness Challenge.  I must admit I feel a little goofy being video taped. Actually, more than a little goofy. Hopefully, the video will encourage you to participate in the Meal Madness Challenge.  (I'm already trying to come up with a dish...)
Here are the rules-- there are two spins one for omnivores and one for vegans. You can pick which spins you want to use. The challenge is to make a dish with all 3 ingredients. You can use any other ingredients you want. You can also place ingredients on a bed of spinach, rice, mashed potatoes, ect... and that counts as part of the same dish. Please let me know what you create by  leaving comments here or on the Food Wonk Facebook page. Or you can e-mail me photos at I would like to have all your dishes by Sunday night but I will keep accepting and posting dishes for a week or so.

Ok here we go........ Here is the video of the spins (obviously not scripted):

Are here are the screen shots.
The omnivore spin. Not what I usually think of together but workable

The vegan spin. I am really liking this spin.
Good luck and please let me know what you create!

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