Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Another Meal Madness Challenge

I had so much fun with the last meal challenge. I thought I decided to do it again and I want you to have the opportunity to join in the fun. This Friday, November 11 (11/11/11). I will post a video of two spins on the Food Wonk Meal Madness iPhone App. One spin will be for omnivores and the second spin for vegans. The challenge is to make a dish with all 3 ingredients. You can let me know what you made by leaving comments here or on my Facebook page (Food Wonk). Or you can e-mail me photos at afoodwonk@gmail.com. I know you are wondering what the categories will be---- (a drum roll please).... for the omnivores: meat, spice, and starch. I did a couple of sample spins and spun: chicken legs, cardamom and polenta; prime rib, onion powder, and soba noodles; chicken breast, cumin, and crackers; and chuck roast, celery salt, and quinoa. For the vegans: starch, spice, and veggie. I did a couple of sample spins and here is what I spun: aromatic rice, poppy seed, and eggplant; couscous, celery seed, and rapa; udon noodles, anise, and cauliflower; corn flakes, 5 spice powder, and cabbage; and rye, Spanish paprika, and acorn squash.  The last challenge is posted here: I Take My Own Meal Madness Challenge  

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